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Shandong Boshan Motor Group Co., Ltd is established by Boshan motor factory founded in 1942 the reform of enterprises, state-level high-tech enterprises. The company is now the main production of micro motor control, motor vehicles, AC motor, precision gear transmission device and other products. As early as in the last century fifty's, the development of the micro DC motor control production, become the first domestic production factory. Has made the remarkable contribution for the military construction and economic development of our country, repeatedly won the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of machinery, the national defense science and Industry Committee and other departments of the awards.
Military technology, Seiko manufacturing. Customer expectations and needs is our pursuit.
Your precious support and trust are indispensable to our progress and development. If you have any suggestion on our products and service, please tell us through internet or phone so that we can made correct judgment and modification of our products and service to improve our service. Your suggestion will be highly appreciated!
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